Unfinished lives


They were all talented artists, but their lives got cut short. The exhibition “Unfinished lives”  introduces 15 artists from all across Europe who were murdered during the Holocaust.


Access to their art

The exhibition  is on display in the Music Room and the Great Hall at the Norwegian Holocaust Centre. With the help of QR codes, visitors are able to access literature, images, and music created and performed by the artists featured in the exhibition.

Five artists from Norway are included in the exhibition: Ruth Maier, Ida Gorvitz Rottmann, Jacob Scharff, Marie Sachnowitz, and Jacob Maliniak.

The exhibition opens with the well known photograph taken by Georg W. Fosse, of a group of Norwegian Jews on the Akershus quay in Oslo on November 26, 1942, with the cargo vessel DS Donau in the background. Tutta Rolf performing “Månestrålen” (The Moonbeam) the song Marie Sachnowitz sang for the Jewish men, including her father and five brothers, aboard the DS Donau on their way to the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp.

Vestfold Museum has produced an introduction to the Sachnowitz  family and the song “The Moonbeam”.

The exhibition is accessible during the opening hours of the Norwegian Holocaust Center


Ruth Maier is best known for her diary. In addition, she composed letters, painted, and performed in plays. The unique collection of Ruth Maier’s papers and watercolours  belongs to Norway’s documentary heritage and is now part of UNESCO’s World Heritage.


Photo: Trond Heggelund

Language and guided tours

The exhibition is in both Norwegian and English (++) and presents Jewish artists who were imprisoned and killed before and during the Second World War. Guiding is not necessary.





The Norwegian Center for Studies of Holocaust and Minority Studies




Villa Grande, Huk aveny 56, 0287 Oslo

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