The Holocaust exhibition


Visit the center’s main exhibition, on the Holocaust and the fate of the Norwegian Jews during the Second World War. Images, sounds, objects and text document the genocide on the European Jews, as well as the mass murder and persecution of other groups and minorities during the era of National Socialism.


The largest deportations of Jews from Norway took place with the cargo ship Donau on 26 November 1942. Photo: Georg W. Fossum


During the Second World War, Vidkun Quisling resided at Villa Grande and renamed the building Gimle. From 1942 until the end of the war the building was a symbol of oppression, violence and barbarism. The exhibition which today is located in the building is the first to present a general picture of the fate of Norwegian Jews during the Second World War. The exhibition has a broad perspective, also focusing on other victims persecuted as a result of Nazi politics. An important aim of the exhibition is to foster discussion about the present.

Language and guided tours

This exhibitions is mainly in Norwegian, but we offer all foreign visitors to borrow a tablet with translation of the most important parts of the exhibition.
Languages: English, German, French, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and Hebrew.

Guided tours in other languages than Norwegian are provided on request.
Please contact us in advance to check out availability.




The Norwegian Center for Studies of Holocaust and Minority Studies




Villa Grande, Huk aveny 56, 0287 Oslo

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