Kiyoshi Yamamoto: My Hair Loves BAD weather

Kiyoshio Yamamoto “My Hair Loves BAD Weather” with Fernanda Branco, Deise Nunes, Luanda Carneiro Jacoel og Karmaklubb*

Welcome to the exhibition “My Hair LOVES BAD Weather” with the Bergen-based artist Kiyoshi Yamamoto. In the exhibition, Yamamoto has invited several artists and concepts that will contribute to activity throughout the exhibition period. On the opening day, there will be two performances with Fernanda Branco and Luanda Carneiro Jacoel.

On the opening day Fernanda Branco vil do her «”Gaia’s Hair intruding thoughts”», performative actions in the exhibition, and at 17:30 Luanda Carneiro Jacoel vil performe her “Kalunga Entities”,, starting outdoors which will end indoors in the exhibition.

Kiyoshi Yamamoto is a cross-border artist who both unites and challenges traditional art practices, arenas and methods. He has distinguished himself as an artist with his monumental textiles, he colorful canvases, shawls, and flags that appear both sculptural and architectural. Yamamoto has had several exhibitions set in a landscape between material-based objects, graphics, installation and performance.

Yamamoto’s artistic works sensuously explore different materials and shapes by fusing them together into larger compositions. With his choice of material, he expresses various statements and opinions metaphorically. The artist is particularly interested in the relationship between color and identity, and the relationship between activism and material experimentation.

This spring, Kiyoshi Yamamoto presents the exhibition “My Hair Loves Bad Weather” at Trøndelag Center for Contemporary Art. He has invited artists Luanda Carneiro Jacoel, Fernanda Branco and Deise Nunes to take part in this project. They all have a background from Brazil and work in different ways with a decolonial artistic practice, exploring diasporic experiences and identity. All three artists present video and installations in the exhibition. Yamamoto has invited the nomadic queer club concept Karmaklubb * to collaborate on several events during the exhibition’s last weekend on June 10, 11 and 12.

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